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Fully Automatic Watering

System for your Cat.


 Package 9:





 Drawing List:



 The file format is STL and Ready to be loaded into your slicer

 program. Like the free slicer program Cura or any one else you

 use for your 3D Printer.


 This package include: Total of 3 STL Drawings Files:


 1 pcs. STL Drawings Files Water Feeder works on both:

 1: The small glasses from Nestle Nescafe.(instant coffee)

 2: The small glasses Bellarom from Lidl. (instant coffee)


 1 pcs. STL Drawings Files Water Feeder works on:

 Large glass from Nestle Nescafe.


 1 pcs. STL Drawings Files Water Feeder works on both:

 1: Small Soda Bottles.

 2: Large Soda Bottles.




 This is what you get:


This package includes 3 Pcs. Water Feeder, drawing files for 5 different glasses and bottles.



 How To Use it Step by Step Guide:


 1: Print the Component.

 This photo show printing a multi plant feeder for bottles.



 2: Print Settings:

 The design is made to work on all 3d printers, even with very low

 resolution like a 0,4 mm Nostle and a layer height at 0,4 mm

 and still be waterproof.

 Minimum Recommended Settings: With ABS

 Nostle Diameter 0,4 mm

 Layer Height 0,3 mm

 Line Width 0,4 mm

 Infill 100 % (Solid)

 Print Speed 30 mm/sec (Initial layer speed 15 mm/sec).

 Minimum recommended settings: With PLA

 Same as ABS only Exception:

 Print Speed 20 mm/sec (Initial layer speed 15 mm/sec).

 A lower layer height just make it looks much better.

 The showed prints are made with very low resolution and they works.

 But again only suggestions. Its all about the printer and Time.


 3: The components printed.


 4: Fill the glass with water.


 5: Mount the water feeder on the glass/bottle, turn it clockwise

 and it will stay locked on the glass/bottle.

 Then turn the whole device 180 degrees counter clockwise quickly.

 After rotation the water will stay in the glass/bottle due to vacuum

 in the glass/bottle.


 6: In this solution it will automatically ensure there always are

 15-20 mm water in the reservoir on the water feeder as long there

 is water in the glass. When the cat drink the water, the level in

 the reservoir will drop a little and this will let a some air

 into the glass. Then you can see a small air bubble blow up

 through glass which, again will level the water and this proces

 continues automatically.




 Happy 3d printing :)



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