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 License agreement



 www.3dcnc.dk / Per Bjørn Jeppesen is online store of 3d models drawing files created and designet by Per Bjørn Jeppesen.

 When you buy a license for models in one of the packages you dont get any physical components, you get drawing files for your

 3d printer so you can print the components your self.

 When a customer buys or downloads one or more of my products in my online store or in any other way, recognizes the validity

 of this license ("License"). Using the site www.3dcnc.dk ("Site") or any Per Bjørn Jeppesen products you are automatically agreeing

 to follow and be bound by this License. "Content" means all Per Bjørn Jeppesen products and all the files that accompany products.

 www.3dcnc.dk may revise and update this License at anytime and without notice.



 Content and design belong to 3dcnc.dk / Per Bjørn Jeppesen, none of these rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user.


 Conditions of use:

 Any 3dcnc.dk/Per Bjørn Jeppesen Content is the property of 3dcnc.dk Per Bjørn Jeppesen and can be

 used for your private projects as you need. The usage limitations are the following:

 -Content can not be distributed, sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise redistributed in my original format or in any other format from

 which any original product, or any part of it can be separately exported.

 -Content can be modified in any way in order to conform to your needs, however any such modifications are still derivatives

 of the original and can not be sold or distributed as your own.


 Delivery Policy:

 All products are delivered via electronic downloads. As soon as order is approved you will be redirected to a page with the download link.

 If you for some reason don’t get to the download page please send a e-mail and you will receive the download link by mail:



 Refund policy:

 Since 3dcnc.dk / Per Bjørn Jeppesen is offering non-tangible, irrevocable goods I do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished

 and our tracking software showed that you have downloaded all the files. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon

 purchasing any item at my Site.


 Limitation of Liability:

 3dcnc.dk / Per Bjørn Jeppesen only sell the 3d model files, It is your full responsibility how you use the files.

 3dcnc.dk / Per Bjørn Jeppesen store does not represent or warrant any damage on plants or 3d printers in any way.

 You assume all responsibility and risk for the use of the 3dcnc.dk / Per Bjørn Jeppesen store website,

 the 3d models, materials and information. All 3D files have been tested and printed and work as described


 Exceptions for the School Licens:

 This license is for educational purposes only, as education and knowledge or study within physics, botany or 3d printer technology.

 School license applies only to the specific school "name" "address" the license is purchased for.

 On this school It can be used on multiple computers or 3d printers.

 This licens is not for any Private or Commercial use outside the school.



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